Get Yourself Trained!

There is no excuse for not being able to brush up your computer skills or learn a new program. Get yourself trained at They provide unlimited web based training.

Haven’t you always wanted to learn that one program but didn’t have time to take a class? Now you can receive unlimited web based training starting at $25./ month. Need to brush up on your Powerpoint, web site, digital video skills?

Check out to access and learn all types of communicatins software directly from your computer. is an award-winning provider of educational materials, including Hands-On Training™ instructional books, the Online Training Library®, CD- and DVD-based video training, and events for creative designers, instructors, students, and hobbyists.


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The Bible @ your FingerTips, FREE.

If you are a pastor, Sunday school teacher, small group leader, or you just like to study the scriptures, InstaVerse will help you quickly and accurately look up and insert Bible passages for your sermon, lesson, or assignment into any document, fast!

Introducing  This Free little application gives you access to the Bible at your fingertips.  You just have to try it to appreciate it.

InstaVerse runs on Windows XP and Windows 2000.  It is not Mac compatible.  For a Free Bible program for Mac’s click here.

Anytime your cursor passes over a Bible verse in web site, or as soon as you type the verse, the scripture pops up on your screen.  This is very helpful when studying.  From there you can cut, paste, etc.   This little program saves me a lot of time because I don’t have to open a bible program or web site to access a Bible verse.  With Instaverse the scriptures are literally at my fingertips.

InstaVerse recognizes scripture abbreviations like “Jn 3:16” in web pages and email documents.  Even if you point at an abbreviation with your mouse, it pops up the Bible text for that reference.

InstaVerse is always available (its icon is in the Windows tray—the area in the lower right near the clock), you can use it to quickly look up a verse, and then insert scripture text into a lesson, sermon, or email.

InstaVerse also has the convenient ability to “inject” scripture quickly into a document you are writing.  Just type any scripture reference (e.g. “Gen 1:1-3”) and then press a hotkey, and InstaVerse replaces your reference with the full Bible text, instantly!  Although the Free version only comes in the King James version, it still very helpful and saves time.


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“Helping People in Ministry do Stuff Better and Faster
with Good Theology and Good Technology FREE! “

Church, Ministry, Evangelism, Bible Study, Theology, Technology and More!


Send Voice Messages by Text, Free. lets you send voice messages to another mobile telephone, through a text message FREE.

You can also send a Pinger message to a group with one call. Imagine making a single call to let your ministry group know that the meeting has been postponed, or making a single call to inform your friends that the party is now at another location.

Pinger is free and works on any mobile phone around the world. With Pinger you can reply or forward voice messages at the press of a button. It’s like having an entire conversation like you would with text messaging, but with your voice.

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Free Christian Book Summaries

Don’t have time to read all of the books you really would like to?  Here’s is your solution, Christian Book Summaries.

What I like about this site, besides that it’s FREE, is that the summaries are complete and easy to ready plus the books that have been summarized are good noteworthy books from Chistian publishers.    If you like the summary the site also provides a like to purchase the book.  That’s very nice.

Christian Book Summaries: Enhancing the ministry and impact of thinking Christians.


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Solve Your Money Problems

Many times money problem results from bad money management. 

If you need help in this area it’s time for a budget.  I’m not talking about Budget Rent a Car, Im talking about managing your money.  Here’s one solution that may work for you.  Quicken Online.  What I really like about this service is that it lets you manage all of your personal finances online. 

Most money management programs are installed on a single computer.  With Quicken online you can have access to your entire budget from any computer with an internet connection.  To me this means that I can check my account at home and at the office.  That’s pretty cool to me.  Sign up for Free 30 Day trial.  If you like it, then it’s only $2.99 a month. Visit:

Another very good personal finance manager is Ace Money.  The Lite version is FREE but only lets you create one account.  This is good if you just want to manage your main checking account and nothing else.  The full version cost $30.  and can mange multiple accounts .  Visit:

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Attention All Students!

Here’s an excellent resource for students and those who like to study.Scholarly, Full-Text Books and Articles Online.  Need to cut back on some of your trips to the Library?  Need to get some new material but its 3am?  Introducing

Questia provides an extensive library of books and articles combined with powerful search, writing, and organizational tools improves the research process, motivating students to devote more time on the qualitative aspects of research and paper writing. 

This service is not free but they do have a 72 hour trial period.   If you have lots of reports to write, research to do or are simply a little short on time, this is the perfect investment.  I really like their theology section. It even automatically records sources used and creates a bibliography.  Visit:

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FREE Song Projection Software

EasiSlides is a FREE Song Projection Software designed for projecting lyrics and Bible texts, with a video projector, onto a large screen during Christian Worship.

 You can also include video and import your existing power point slides.

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