Organize Your Prayer Lists

I wonder how the Psalmist organized his prayers and songs.  Since David wrote at least 73 of the Psalms, how do you think he kept it all nice and neat?   If he had an iPhone, he probably would have used the new app. called, “My Prayer List”.    😉myprayer“My Prayer Lists” helps to organize your prayers into lists and pray for them on certain days or certain times of the day. Forget about trying to remember who or what you wanted to pray for or trying to remember where you left the prayer request slips.

Here’s a demonstration how it works:

This little application will let you organize your prayers into groups, it’ll email your prayers to your friends to remind them of important needs in both your life and others and even has password protection.  Not bad for only $3.99.

So what do you use to organize your prayer list? Paper? A computer program? Memory? Let us know what system works best for you.

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