How to be a Good Zoom Host

29 tips on how to have a better zoom meeting 
By Nick Gonzalez


Zooming is booming. Here’s how to do it better.

  1. If you are new to Zoom, have practice meetings with friends and family. Learn how to use Zoom’s basic features.

  2. If you don’t know how to use the basic tools you will have problems.

  3. Don’t let another person schedule your meeting. Get your own zoom account. Prices start at zero.  Invest and save yourself problems.

  4. If you have a large group of over 20 people, assign someone to help you with the meeting.  This is called being a co-host in a zoom meeting.  Co-hosts can mute people, monitor the chat, spotlight people, etc. Make sure that your co-hosts know how to use Zoom.

  5. Learn to use the mute button.  When you mute everyone, make sure to uncheck the box that says “allow participants to unmute themselves” if necessary. Or else you may be saying often, “everyone please mute yourself” when that’s not necessary.

  6. Spotlight yourself, students, or special guests when they speak.  Spotlighting places a participant that you pick on the screen for everyone in the meeting to see. If you don’t use this feature the main screen will switch to wherever is talking or to wherever there is noise. Make sure to turn off the spotlight feature after they are finished speaking.

  7. Make sure to schedule a zoom meeting correctly.  Do not use your personal Zoom ID for meetings. Let zoom generate the meeting ID.

  8. After you schedule a zoom meeting, test the zoom link in another browser or another computer to make sure it works. Test it as soon as you schedule the meeting.  Send it to a friend to test.

  9. When sending the link to participants send the correct link.  Send the Zoom link (ex: and the zoom ID: 123456789.

  10. Start your meeting a few minutes before the official start time. This will allow participants a few minutes to get their video and sound.

  11. Start the actual meeting on time. Waiting for others to show up is wasting the time of those who showed up on time. And if you have more meetings they too will be late.

  12. Don’t be late to your own meeting.

  13. Know that everyone can hear everything you say and all sounds around you including children, pets and music, etc. Turn off your audio often if necessary.

  14. If you are having an important meeting with a guest speaker, have a test meeting with that person to make sure he or she has Zoom installed, has a good connection, good lighting, sounds, etc.

  15. Make sure that the main person speaking has extra lighting. Normal house lighting is not enough. Use a lamp and position the light in front of you, not in the back.

  16. When you start your meeting (especially if its a school course) tell your participants what to expect and how to act. This could include to telling participants to turn ON their video, to position the camera directly in front of them, not to have side conversations, don’t walk around or eat in front of the camera, and don’t lay in bed.

  17. Encourage participation from the beginning of your meeting to use the thumbs up, wave, and the chat.

  18. Learn how to use Zoom polls, break out rooms, annotations, etc. This can really change the dynamic of your meeting.

  19. Learn how to share your screen. Be creative, share a document, a slide, a youtube video, etc.

  20. Pay attention to the body language of your participants. They will tell you when the meeting is too long or when you need to either take a break or continue the meeting at another time.

  21. Learn to use the Gallery view. The gallery view allows you to see everyone in the meeting instead of just yourself.

  22. Make sure to look directly at the camera often when speaking. This gives the effect of eye-to-eye contact with your participants and helps your communication.

  23. Ensure your background represents you well. Use the Zoom green screen option.

  24. As a host make sure you are in the center of the screen. Don’t be on the edge.  Tell your participant to place themselves in the center of the screen. 

  25. Wear headphones if you will be in a noisy location.

  26. If you plan to have lots of zoom meetings consider a separate microphone.

  27. Know that paid Zoom customers can record their meetings.  This is a great feature that allows you to send to others.

  28. Turn off the video of people in the meeting who are distracting:  walking, not paying attention, eating, sleeping, etc. You can be sure that your participants will be chatting about it during your meeting.

  29. Keep the chat open on your computer so that you can see what people are talking about or asking about.

That’s all for now.

What tips or insight do you recommend? Let me know. Review of

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I’ve been using for several years now and I think you just might like their service.  They provide Christian books in audio format. I have several of their books and thoroughly enjoy them.

I’m really happy that they finally have an Android version of their app.  I love it!  I download several of my books and now I have access to them anytime.  This month they are giving away the King James version of the New Testament absolutely free.  Enjoy!



Letting Go!

Here is a scripture to help you start out this new year fresh.


Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.”  Ephesians 4:26

Although at times you and I may get angry, we should not sin.  The way to prevent sin is to deal with “the anger before the sun goes down”.

Here’s my point, as you start out the new year, don’t allow yourself to bring in anything that is negative (anger, troubles, etc.).  Let it go.  Whatever happened last year that makes you angry, upset or discouraged, let it go.  Do not bring it into the new year (don’t let the sun go down on it).  Even though this verse is an excellent tip for married couples, it can also work wonders for us as individuals too.

Apostle Paul got angry (at least once) with Mark, one of the guys in his ministry.  He apparently misjudged Mark in Acts 15:37 by not wanting to bring Mark with him on his second journey (Mark did leave Paul’s first journey for a reason no one really knows).  Paul talks bad about Mark to his cousin Barnabas.  Barnabas didn’t agree with Paul and this disagreement led to a split in Paul’s ministry.  Paul went one way and Barnabas the other.

Later on in 2 Tim. 4:11 Paul writes, “Get Mark and bring him with you, for he is very useful to me for ministry.”  It looks like Paul had a change of heart because now he wants Mark back.  We don’t know exactly what happened except that Paul now wanted Mark back on his team. Some commentators guess that maybe the reason Mark left Paul on the first journey was that Mark was just being rebellious or not willing to pay the price.  Others say that it’s possible that Paul was just so on fire and passionate about this ministry that he neglected his team or that maybe he was a little too harsh and hard to work with.  Yet others say that Mark just got homesick. We really don’t know the reason why Mark left Paul.


When Paul writes asking for Mark he is in prison knowing that his life may be ending soon.  I take it that Paul did not want the sun to go down on his anger (he was pretty upset earlier).

Have you ever misjudged someone?  Has someone misjudged you?  The Word of God says to let it go by not letting “the sun go down while you are still angry”.  Deal with it quickly.

You might be thinking, how do I not let the sun go down? Good question, here a are a few suggestions:  Ask God to help you.  Think before you speak.  Forgive yourself, forgive people, build good relationships (by being a good listener) and expect great things.  Love your spouse and kids.  Speak positive things.  Stop being negative and expect grace and favor.  Expect God to do great things in your life this year as well as in your family’s life.

If you want to take it a step further stay in God’s Word, work hard, mind your own ministry, grow yourself, be creative, be positive and don’t be afraid to ask for help.  If you are involved in ministry don’t isolate yourself, be a good team player, be available, teachable, have a good attitude, roll with the punches and smile.  If you are not involved in ministry, get involved. Give your time, talents & treasure to God.  Start small but do something.

Be happy on purpose, keep your eyes on the Lord and position yourself to have a great year (by your commitment, faithfulness, and excellence).  Lastly, while we are talking about starting out this new year fresh, don’t forget to plan, prioritize and to pray.

Don’t bring into the new year anything negative from your past.  Forget about it on purpose.  Stop thinking about the bad things that happened to you.  Let them go.   Don’t bring them into this new year.

“Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry”.

Best Online and Onsite Study Bible

If you are looking to get a new Bible, check out the ESV Study Bible.  I first picked up a copy from the library to see if I would like it and I’m glad to say it passed the test.  I placed an order online and just received my copy a month ago (the burgundy leather edition). All I can say is I’m truly loving it. It’s like having a Bible School at your finger tips (And now for quick commercial: For a real Bible School visit,

ESV Study Bible

The ESV Study Bible includes 20,000 notes, Over 50 articles, 200-plus charts, over 200 full-color maps, 40 all-new illustrations and 80,000 cross-references in all of its 2,752 pages. The book is so thick that it can probably stop a bullet.  You definitely can’t be ashamed of the Gospel carrying this book around.  In order to really appreciate everything the ESV Study Bible has to offer you must first take a tour.  Here’s a link to several short video clips to introduce you to the ESV Study Bible.   To find the best price for the hard cover edition click here.

One of the best things I like about the ESV Study Bible is that it comes with an online version (free to all those who purchase a copy of the print edition).  The online version contains all of the references of the print version plus a whole lot more.  For a Free Preview of the ESV Online Study Bible click here.  You can also purchase the online version by itself for $19.99.

The online version contains all of the reference materials in the print edition with links to the cross-referenced scriptures and notes. You can also create and store personal notes online and to listen to audio recordings of the ESV too.

So there you have it, the best online and onsite study Bible in the entire world.  The ESV Study Bible is the most comprehensive study Bible ever created.  Just remember that it doesn’t make a difference which version of the Bible you prefer, (ESV, NIV, NKJ, etc.) the best version of the Bible is the one that you actually read.

For details on Bible translations read my previous post here.  And for my review of two excellent Bible Background Commentaries click here.


Welcome to focuses on the unique needs (theological and technological) of people involved in ministry. is dedicated to help people incorporate and better use technology in their theology (or ministry).  In other words, we help people in ministry do stuff better and faster with good theology and good technology, most of the times, absolutely FREE!  So browse around, check us out and make it a great day!   Nick G.

Read & Listen to the Bible on your Phone


There are plenty of apps that will let you read the Bible on your phone, but here’s one that let’s you listen to the Bible as well.   And it works too!   Plus it’s FREE.   The dramatic audio is excellent plus it’s available for the iPhone, Andriod and iPad in several languages.  All you need to do is to search for on your phone. also let’s you listen to the Bible on your computer through this link: can even send you a daily text message with a link to one chapter from New Testament a day.   How cool is that?    All you need is a cell phone with a data plan.  This is great for exercising or when you just want to relax.  To get started text “YES” to “Bible (24253).


So check out If you like to read and listen to the Bible your search is over.

Free Reformation eChart

Ever wondered where all the different denominations came from? What the difference is between Lutherans and Baptists? How great would it feel to be the one in your small group who knows the difference between Calvinism and Arminianism?

Click here to download a Free Reformation eChart by Rose Publishing or on the image below.

The Reformation e-Chart explains the 5 points of Calvinism and Arminianism, the 5 solas of the reformation, and 4 important branches of the reformation. It also includes a map and family tree of reformation movements. This is available to Download For One Week Only!

This free e-Chart is taken from the book Rose Book of Bible Charts 2 which includes a five-page illustrated Reformation Time Line showing more than 100 key events and people.

Did you know on October 31, Protestants celebrate Reformation Day? The day almost 500 years ago that Martin Luther posted The 95 Theses in Germany forever changing the landscape of the Western Church and the world.  Eager to learn to an more, but turned off by old hard-to-read history books? Rose publishing has a tool for you! Their easy-to-use Reformation Time-line pamphlet shows you visually how the Reformation unfolded in Europe while explaining the thoughts behind the events.

If you really like this type of stuff sign up to Rose publishing’s FREE newsletter and get 9 Free Bible eCharts plus weekly eCharts by email.  I’ve been receiving these e-Charts for a few months now and they are very informative.   Rose Publishing provides easy-to-use, full-color Bible study pamphlets, maps, charts & timelines. Visit their site here and browse their entire collection for some excellent Bible references.


Top “FREE” Bible Study Tools

Mechanics have tools, doctors have tools, and so do students of the Bible.

If you plan to effectively study the Bible you will eventually want to invest in some of the tools that can help you become a good student.  One thing to remember is that all tools contain explanations of people and do not provide the authoritative words of God.  Bible study tools should be used as immediate helps and not meant to be the end of your investigation.  Do not depend solely on the explanations found in your Bible study tools and never replace the Bible with a Bible study tool.

Bible study tools contain lots of information.  You will find helpful introductions to each book of the Bible and outlines that show you how books fit together.  Bible study tools will include explanatory notes about the text, doctrine, and Christian living.

If you are serious about Bible study get a good study Bible.  A few good ones includes the Life Application Study Bible, The ESV Study Bible and The Apologetics Study Bible.  I’ll be reviewing the ESV Study Bible soon.  You also want to consider getting a good Bible commentary.  For more details on choosing a Bible translation click here.

To begin always interact with the Bible text first before consulting with your tools.  It’s important to keep in mind that Bible study tools, (commentaries, dictionaries, study Bibles, encyclopedias, concordances, atlas’ etc.) should not be the final word on any portion of scripture.  Remember that you are learning how to study the Bible, not learning how to study commentaries.



Whether you read the Bible in book format, on your cell phone or you would rather listen to it, do not stray away from the Bible.   One way to stay on track is to begin a Bible reading plan.  You can get a good reading plan from free. They have reading plans that will help you read the Bible in a year, read Proverbs in a month, read just the words of Jesus, read just the Psalms or Gospels or read a plan that combines the New Testament and Old Testament.  Pick a plan that will help you read the Bible systematically.

Here’s my top 15 “web based” Bible Study Tools.

  1. The Bible (the actual book)

If you really want to take the study of the Bible a little more serious, I recommend using  (I wrote a short review here).  It’s one of the best if not the best Bible Study Software program that I have ever used.  It will cost you some money but then again, this program will definitely take you to the next level in your Bible study.  The best part is that you can buy the starter program and keep adding resources as you can plus they have a very nice payment plan.

Keep in mind that a lot of the free “web based” Bible commentaries are in the public domain, (in other words, they were written a very long time ago).  Public domain Bible tools are also included in many Bible software packages.   Using old (19th-century or earlier) resources for Bible study may present valid insights for interpretation, but they should be used with caution, because of their age, and with awareness and acknowledgment of the original date of publication (rather than the date of the reprint or electronic version).

Learn to be passionate about what you are reading in the Bible.  After all, they contain the very words of God.  While we are talking about being passionate about the Word of God take a look at this short video interview with John Piper.  John  is the Pastor for Preaching at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota.   He is the author of more than 30 books and more than 25 years of his preaching and teaching is available free at He is being asked, “Where and How Did You Learn to Preach?

If you have a good Bible study resource that you would like to share please click on “Comments”

The Gospel in 3 Minutes

So you don’t know much about God, Jesus, salvation and you’re in a hurry.  Here’s the solution for you, “The Gospel in Under Three Minutes”.

This short video will let you know everything you need to know how to give your life to God.  (or as some people say, how to get saved, receiving salvation, giving your life to Jesus Christ, repentance, etc.).  Check it out and share it with a friend.



No matter what you call it or how you say it, the Gospel is about realizing that we are sinners, (basically that meas we’re messed up) recognizing that Christ died on the cross for you and I, (He is the solution) repenting of our sins (because we need forgiveness) and receiving Jesus into your life.  It doesn’t have to be complicated.  When we accept Christ into our lives, we give God our junk and he gives us His joy (not to mention peace, love acceptance and eternal life).  Sounds like a win-win-win situation to me.  If you have any questions about this, shoot me an email, Nickg at TheoloTech dot com.


Free Online Class ~ How to Study the Bible

If you long for a relationship with God but feel lost when you open the Bible, the course, “How to Study the Bible” is for you.  Learn how to effectively study God’s Word for more impact, value and significance.

Based on the “Inductive Bible Study” method, discover the tools and skills to help you observe biblical text, dig out its meaning, and then apply it to your life. One of the best ways to grow in Christ is to learn how to study the Bible.

This free course is no longer being offered.

This online class is being offered free from Victory Education & Training Institute , V.E.T.I.   Class begins this Mon. 9/13/2010 so register now if you are really are interested.  By the way, I (the creator of this blog) have the privilege to teach this class.  For those who enroll, I hope you enjoy the course.

Free Audio Book ~ Spiritual Leadership ~ Revised!

You are reading this post just in the “Nick of Time” (pun intended). Each month gives away a premium audio-book download for free. If you are reading this post after the month of Sept. 2010 the link to the book will be a different book . If you want this audio-book, download it now.

This month they are offering the Christian classic, Spiritual Leadership, a study on principles of excellence for every believer. The book has been recently updated and revised so if you have an older copy of the book you may want to check this out. This book is so good that even after you download it I recommend that you purchase the book. It’s a “must have”. Even though I’ve read this book several times I’m now listening to it (in the MP3 format). Sounds great!

I am always challenged when I read this book. I’m going to copy the file to my phone so that I can listen to it throughout the day. If you have not read Spiritual Leadership by Oswald Chambers you are in for a delight.

To see the contents of the book click on the image above.
To download the audio-book click here.

The mission of is to shape Christian hearts to think and do right. Sign up to their free newsletter and they will notify you about their monthly free audio-book download. ChristianAudio is in the business of making contexts in which Christians can think properly about God, themselves, and the world. They believe that spiritual growth occurs within the framework of proper beliefs – the contexts that allow Christians to go about enjoying God and serving others.


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How God Speaks Today.

You do know that God still speaks today, don’t you?

If you don’t that’s OK. Pastor James MacDonald explains the way God speaks very clearly in this short video below.    Click here or on the image below to view.  Don’t forget to download the chart used during the presentation too.

So how has God spoken to you recently? What did he say?  Please leave a comment.

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It’s “All About God”.

I found a great resource that I think you may find very interesting.   It’s called,  All about God writes compelling websites that reach out to skeptics, seekers, believers, and a hurting world with powerful evidence for God and the Good News of Jesus.  Visit:

All About God

All About

All about God is also great site to visit for personal study and to learn about other issues like: Archaeology, parenting, evangelism and worldviews.  All about God provides a whole bunch of topics to learn about and share.  Here’s a list of their main topics.

All about God also has created a creative way to reach people wherever you go using Mission Possible Cards.  (It’s an evangelistic business card)  They are designed with your ministry info. on one side and an invitation to visit the web site on the other side of the card.

mission possible cards is also on twitter.  Visit: They have pretty interesting tweets.

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Got Good Theology?

Here lies an opportunity to hear from two excellent theologians (and attend a free Apologetics Lecture). If you can make it, you will definitely benefit from them.   All three events are FREE and will take place in Southern California, in Oct. and Nov.  If you are student of the Word, these may be of interest to you.

Learning the Language of Peace & America's God

Learning the Language of Peace & America's God

The first free event is a Free Kick-Off with Lee Strobel. I’ve been at one of his previous gathering and it was outstanding.  He will be presenting the Gospel and Answering Objections: The Unexpected Adventure.  Date: Thursday, October 22, 7:00 – 9:30 pm. First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton, Main Auditorium.  2801 N. Brea Blvd. Fullerton, CA 92835.   If you can’t make it out to the event you can watch it “on-demand” here.

The event continues with a paid registration and includes speakers; Mark Mittelberg, Erik Thoennes, and Craig Hazen. They will be teaching a powerful synthesis between evangelism and apologetics that can make our Gospel preaching, in St. Paul’s words, “powerful through God” (2 Cor 10:4).  Get more info here.

Got Theology?

Got Good Theology?

The second event takes place on November 2nd, 2009 at my alma mater, Azusa Pacific University.  Admission is free.  Register here.  Stanley Hauer was has sought to recover the significance of the virtues for understanding the nature of the Christian life. This search has led him to emphasize the importance of the church, as well as narrative for understanding Christian existence.

His work cuts across disciplinary lines as he is in conversation with systematic theology, philosophical theology and ethics, political theory, as well as the philosophy of social science and medical ethics. He was named “America’s Best Theologian” by TIME in 2001. Hauerwas, who holds a joint appointment in Duke Law School, delivered the prestigious Gifford Lectureship at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland in 2001.

Thoughtful Evangelism

Thoughtful Evangelism

If you’re a learner and live in the area, I highly recommend these events.  Did I say it was free yet? BTW, here’s a short definition of theology that I find pretty accurate.

I just received this invitation so I’m adding this info here:

This Fri. Oct. 23, 2009 there will be a
FREE Apologetics Lecture.

Multiple short presentations from Biola university faculty are being recorded for promotional use and DVD/web distribution.  Lecture content will be on Christian Thought & Worldview issues such as: Existence of God, Problem of Evil & Suffering, Science & the Bible, the Resurrection of Jesus, Comparative World Religions, etc.

They need extras to play students/audience members in class sessions (non-speaking).  Filming will begin at 10:00 am and will conclude around 5:00 pm. Food and a copy of the finished product (when it is ready) will be provided. Everyone is welcome but you must let them know you are attending by sending email here:  apologetics at biola dot edu.


Paul at Marshill interfaced with the philosphers in Acts 17.

This Friday, October 23, 2009,  9:30am – 5:30pm,  BIOLA UNIVERSITY,  13800 Biola Avenue,  La Mirada, CA   90639, Business Building, Moats Lecture Hall (Room 109).  Featuring: Craig Hazen, Scott Smith , Clay Jones, John Bloom, Tim Muehlhoff, and Fred Sanders!


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Easter and Technology?

What does Easter and Technology have to do with each other?

In my recent experience, Easter and Technology have a lot to do with each other.   Just the past week I was invited to 3 Easter celebrations through the use of technology.

The first invitation was an email I received reminding of “The Greatest Sacrifice Our World Has Ever Known” from check it out below.   Tangle is a Christian Network (similar to with millions of users and a unique appeal.

the greatest sacrifice

What I really liked about message is that it gave me the opportunity to share it with my friends on Twitter and MySpace.   Since I don’t really use my MySpace account I clicked on the Facebook link to share it with all my friends on Facebook.   That was cool.   Check out my Facebook here.

Soon afterward I received my second invitation.  I was sent a message from my Pastor friend in San Diego, Ca.  He invited me to his Church Good Friday Easter Celebration using Twitter.   Here’s what he wrote:  “Watch us live tonight @ Live streaming video. Who Killed God? Illustrated sermon“.  You can follow him at:

So what did I do?  I turned around and invited all my twitter followers to my church’s live drama presentation.  Here’s what I wrote: “Live in So. Cal? Check out the live drama, “Jesus Remember Me” at my church, visit: this Sunday @ 9am & 11am. Free!” You can follow me on twitter here:

Twitter is free service that allows you to send short, quick messages to your friends.  Messages can be sent and received on any cell phone that accepts text messages or on the web.   Twitter messages are called, “tweets” and people who send twitter tweets are called twits (just when you thought you heard everything, it’s now cool to be a twit).

If you are already on Facebook and don’t see the need for joining another social network not to worry. Twitter has a free little program that allows every message you tweet to be automatically sent to your Facebook.

If you’re not a “twitter’er” and are not sure how you can use it, just check out how others are using twitter.  Sign up, start following a few interesting people (just check their profile and see if they have anything interesting to say [or tweet]) and soon you’ll be twitting away too.  It’s really fun, especially when you get some of your distant family, friends, co-workers on it.    It helps to stay connected.  For those who say, “I’m too busy for twitter” I suggest not think if it like work, think of it more like a game or fun or recreation.

twit for God?

O.K. back to my story, I was watching TV the other day and I ran into a TD Jakes commercial inviting me to share in “Holy Communion” through his live web broadcast on Good Friday.  This was my third invitation.  I thoroughly support his creative use of technology to spread the Good News.   Click below to it check out.

Live Web Communion Service

TDJakes Live Web Communion Service

What’s really cool is that not all of my facebook, twitter, Ning and other social network friends and family are believers.  They all receive my messages.  Sometimes my messages refer to Jesus Christ and sometimes they do not.  Who knows how God use’s these tools.   The Lord moves in mysterious ways.   My friends and family can block or stop receiving my messages anytime they want but know one has so far.

I am really excited to see how ministries are beginning to take advantage of technology to celebrate theology.  Can God use Facebook, Twitter, Ning, etc. to remind people of His great love for them?

Of course He could!  Don’t you think?


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