Free Weekly Christian Music Download

My Last AmenIf you’re looking for new Christian music that’s free, check out the weekly, “absolutely FREE and completely legal”, download from the Gospel Music Channel.

This week’s featured artist: Downhere with “My Last Amen” from their just-released Ending is Beginning.  They are pretty good but the best part is that the price is right!

A few of the previous weekly downloads include, “A Heart That Forgives” from Kevin Levar and “Spirit of God” from Phillips, Craig & Dean.  One of my favorite free weekly downloads from the Gospel Music Channel has been God is Faithful from Norman Hutchins. Take a listen and enjoy!

Discover new music before all of your friends with Gospel Music Channel’s Download of the Week! Every week a new artist will showcase their talent with free mp3s.

Another source for free Christian music is  They also provide weekly free download but you have to register first.  Still, the price is right.

Free Christian Music Downloads

If you know of any other good quality free Chrisitian music download sites please click on comments and let us know.  If you liked this post check out a couple of my other music related posts; Free Personalized Internet Radio and Listen to the Radio on your PDA, FREE!


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