Easter and Technology?

What does Easter and Technology have to do with each other?

In my recent experience, Easter and Technology have a lot to do with each other.   Just the past week I was invited to 3 Easter celebrations through the use of technology.

The first invitation was an email I received reminding of “The Greatest Sacrifice Our World Has Ever Known” from Tangle.com check it out below.   Tangle is a Christian Network (similar to YouTube.com) with millions of users and a unique appeal.

the greatest sacrifice

What I really liked about message is that it gave me the opportunity to share it with my friends on Twitter and MySpace.   Since I don’t really use my MySpace account I clicked on the Facebook link to share it with all my friends on Facebook.   That was cool.   Check out my Facebook here.

Soon afterward I received my second invitation.  I was sent a message from my Pastor friend in San Diego, Ca.  He invited me to his Church Good Friday Easter Celebration using Twitter.   Here’s what he wrote:  “Watch us live tonight @ sdvoc.org. Live streaming video. Who Killed God? Illustrated sermon“.  You can follow him at:  http://twitter.com/alvaldez

So what did I do?  I turned around and invited all my twitter followers to my church’s live drama presentation.  Here’s what I wrote: “Live in So. Cal? Check out the live drama, “Jesus Remember Me” at my church, visit: vochino.com this Sunday @ 9am & 11am. Free!” You can follow me on twitter here: http://twitter.com/nickg

Twitter is free service that allows you to send short, quick messages to your friends.  Messages can be sent and received on any cell phone that accepts text messages or on the web.   Twitter messages are called, “tweets” and people who send twitter tweets are called twits (just when you thought you heard everything, it’s now cool to be a twit).

If you are already on Facebook and don’t see the need for joining another social network not to worry. Twitter has a free little program that allows every message you tweet to be automatically sent to your Facebook.

If you’re not a “twitter’er” and are not sure how you can use it, just check out how others are using twitter.  Sign up, start following a few interesting people (just check their profile and see if they have anything interesting to say [or tweet]) and soon you’ll be twitting away too.  It’s really fun, especially when you get some of your distant family, friends, co-workers on it.    It helps to stay connected.  For those who say, “I’m too busy for twitter” I suggest not think if it like work, think of it more like a game or fun or recreation.

twit for God?

O.K. back to my story, I was watching TV the other day and I ran into a TD Jakes commercial inviting me to share in “Holy Communion” through his live web broadcast on Good Friday.  This was my third invitation.  I thoroughly support his creative use of technology to spread the Good News.   Click below to it check out.

Live Web Communion Service

TDJakes Live Web Communion Service

What’s really cool is that not all of my facebook, twitter, Ning and other social network friends and family are believers.  They all receive my messages.  Sometimes my messages refer to Jesus Christ and sometimes they do not.  Who knows how God use’s these tools.   The Lord moves in mysterious ways.   My friends and family can block or stop receiving my messages anytime they want but know one has so far.

I am really excited to see how ministries are beginning to take advantage of technology to celebrate theology.  Can God use Facebook, Twitter, Ning, etc. to remind people of His great love for them?

Of course He could!  Don’t you think?


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