A Free Easter Gift from Zondervan

Check out this Free Easter gift from Zondervan.

Reflect on Christ’s final hours with a passionate presentation from The Bible Experience.

Free East Gift

Track Christ’s final journey with The Bible Experience. The selections are a variation on the Stations of the Cross known as the Scriptural Way of the Cross. Follow along by listening to the audio clips, reading the passages of scripture, and then taking a moment of quiet reflection with each accompanying prayer.

“The Bible Experience” provides an excellent method to enjoy the Bible by hearing it in dramatic form. If you don’t have much time to read, but want to “redeem the time” listen to the Bible on your way to work, during lunch or while you are on the go.

After experiencing Easter through the world’s most celebrated audio Bible, you’ll truly understand why hearing is believing.  Click here to view my previous review of The Bible Experience.


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