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You’ve probably heard this quote before, “if you don’t plan, you are planning to fail”.  Are you planning to fail?  Do you got your stuff together?  Need a little help?

Here’s an excellent program to help you organize your ministry (or any part of your life).  It’s an easy to use “to-do” list program that can also handle several projects at the same time.  Check out  It’s awesome!

It’s a web based program that you can also access from any internet capable mobile phone.  The best part is that it works as a stand-alone application for the iPhone.

To me it’s more than a simple to-do list program.  It’s a project management tool. allows you to organize your tasks into different folders or projects.  For example, you could have a folder for work related tasks, one for ministry projects and another for home and another for your hobby.

If you use Google Calendar, Google Personal Homepage, Firefox, or IMified, easily integrates with them.

How would you like to be reminded that a task is due soon?  You guessed it, can do that too.  You can specify up to 5 different email addresses for your reminders.  You can receive reminders that a task is due by email or on any SMS device  (in others words you can receive text message reminders).


If you have a task that you do not complete on a certain day will automatically roll it over to the next day (and the next day, and the next) until you complete it (very nice!).

What I really like (besides that it’s free) is that it works on the iPhone.

I’ve been testing the iPhone for a few weeks now.   My biggest concern has been the ability to transfer over all of my notes from my Palm Treo to an iPhone.

I have over 1200 task’s and memo’s in 12 different categories.  I just didn’t like the idea of copying them to another application one by one. has solved this problem for me by providing detailed instructions how to export my palm files and import them into

If you are using another task manager program ToodleDo can most likely import that data as well (including Palm OS PDA, Microsoft Outlook, Apple’s iCal, Excel, and data from

I wrote about “Remember the Milk” earlier this year here.  I now prefer to use  If your existing task manager can produce an iCal, XML, CSV or text file, then ToodleDo can import it.

If you don’t have a web enabled phone you still can use  Just go to and log in. will also let you print your to-do list in a booklet form (on plain paper) to carry with you (which is nice when you want to make a to-do list for someone else).


You can easily access your to-do list from almost any internet capable mobile phone.  All you need is a cell phone with a built in WAP or HTML web browser.

Since can be downloaded to your iPhone it acts as a standalone application (which means you can access all of your data even when you don’t have a good internet connection or you’re in a dead zone). also synchronizes all of your data on your iPhone with it’s web version so you always have access to your data.

If you forget your phone one day, just go to a computer with internet access, login to your free ToodleDo account and access all of your info.

You can’t loose with  It takes less than one minute to sign up, it’s free and it works!

If you haven’t already, you may also want to try  It also makes a good task management system (if you get creative and make it work for you).  With you can create, snap, clip, drag & drop, email, scan, and record anything (text, photos, and even entire web pages) so that it becomes accessible and searchable to you at any time, from anywhere.  I use for my things to do and for my things to save.

What are your goals? Have you written then down yet?  If not, why not?  If you have goals written someplace are you following them?  I like the following quote from Frank Tyger who said, “Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you.”

If you want to be fruitful in your ministry, family, career, school, relationships, anything at all, you are the person who ultimately makes it happen (with God’s help of course).

I don’t remember who the author of this next quote is but there’s definitely some truth in it, it says, “If it is to be, it’s up to me”.  In other words, start prioritizing your things to do and make it happen.

If you need help getting things done, read Hab 2:2. It says, “Write down the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that reads it”.   What are your goals?  Start by thinking, planning, writing down your goals and meditating on them so that whatever you do will prosper  Psalm 1:1-3.


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