FREE Bible Program, E-Sword!

One of the nice things about technology is that it makes spreading theology a whole lot faster and easier.

In this post I’m going to introduce you to 4 Bible programs.   Two are for PC users and two are for Mac users.  Although there are a whole bunch of Bible programs, I’ve selected four that I use which so happen to be free.  I’ll let you know about a couple of Bible programs, that I also use, that are not free, on another day.

1.  This is a Bible program that’s good and has lots of information.  It has everything you need to effectively start a good study of the scriptures.   The default version comes in King James Version w/ Strong’s numbers and Strong’s dictionary.  Not bad at all.

e-Sword is a fast and effective way to study the Bible

You can download any or all 16 different versions of the Bible in English at no cost.  They also provide the Bible in several different languages.

Optional free downloads for E-sword include; commentaries, dictionaries, graphics, devotionals and Christian classic books (like Fox’s Book of Martyrs by John Fox, Systematic Theology by Charles G. Finney, and The Pursuit of God by A. W. Tozer to name a few).

I really like E-sword’s search capabilities, the ability to view up to four version of a verse at the same time but especially its easy to use.  The best part is that you get all this free.  E-Sword stands up to several other Bible software that can cost you hundreds of dollars.

E-Sword is also available for Pocket PC users!  So if you’re on the go, that the Bible with you.

With Pocket e-Sword you have access to the same volume of scholarship within seconds, (just like the PC Desktop version) any time and anywhere!  You can have several versions of the Bible, commentaries, dictionaries & devotionals with you all the time.  Click here to download a copy.

2.  There’s another very nice free Bible program for PC users called,  InstaVerse.  It’s available at:  I find it very useful.   It’s really more like an assistant.  When you type a scripture or your mouse pointer passes over a scripture the complete Bible verse appears in a small pop-up window.  This is very convenient.   You don’t have to stop what you’re doing and look up the verse, it’s just right there.  I wrote about this one previously.  Click here to check it out.

3.  For a free Bible program for Mac’s let me introduce you to MacSword.

MacSword is a free & open-source application for research and study of God and His Word. It is developed specifically for Macintosh computers running Mac OS X.

MacSword allows you to read and browse many different bibles translations in different languages from Hebrew to Albanian.  As well as reading devotionals, commentaries, dictionaries and lexicons, it also supports searching and advanced features such as services so that you can access the Bible in any program.

And because MacSword is based on the Sword project, it is compatible with a growing collection of over 200 texts available in over 50 languages.

4.  Mac users can also use a cool little widget called, Logos Bible Widget.  Look up any Bible verse on your Mac instantly!

Simply type or cut and paste any scripture reference into the Logos Bible Widget and instantly see the entire verse.

Easier than grabbing your Bible off the shelf, faster than going to Bible Gateway, and best of all – it’s free!

What’s new in this version of Logos Bible Widget is the addition of the ESV Bible. That’s very nice!

If you’re not at your computer and want to read the Bible, read it on your cell phone.  I wrote about this previously here, here and here.   Let me know what you think.


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  2. […] FREE Bible Program, E-Sword! […]

  3. […] FREE Bible Program, E-Sword! […]

  4. thanks for positing. I love this software.

  5. I thought I would leave my very first comment, Thank you and Let me would like to study extra from you.

  6. I need free esword on my bb

  7. Like dis application it would help me to sturdy more about the word of God.

  8. i needthis esword bible downloaded to my desktop

  9. Thanks for helping us who are living to remote areas that we can access the word of God through you guys.

    My name is Yussuf Suleiman

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