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Wouldn’t you like make your church services available to be viewed online?  Expand your outreach.  Those who could not make it to church due to sickness, work, etc. would be able to keep in tune to what’s happening in your church.  Ready?

Now’s the time to put your sermons on the web.  There are two services that will help make this happen for you. The first one is Sermon Connect,

Sermon Connect provides streaming, blogging and podcasting.  Their current promotion code is Aug08.  They have a very nice interface.  The second service that can help you put your services online is:

Sermon.Info lets you upload unlimited audio files.  You can also search for them by keyword. also provides, live broadcasting as part of the premium services.   Both services provide free signup so try them both and see which works best for you.

If you’re not ready for video just yet, you may want to consider putting your audio sermons (instead of video) online.  Sermon Companion,, is a good choice.  They are fast and easy to work with.


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