Copy That Scripture Quick

Ever needed to copy something interesting from a web site (a picture, text, web site address) but don’t have a pen and you don’t want to email it to yourself plus you’re in a hurry?

In the past, I would have opened the notepad application and paste everything I need to it (except photos), then save the file.  If I was not using my computer I would have to email this note to myself.

Although I was able to do all this very quickly, I no longer have to go through this process anymore.

I now use It’s the most important free little program that I use on my PC.  It also works on my Mac and on my PDA.   It helps me to quickly copy text, photos, urls, jot down notes, etc.

The best part is that it synchronizes all of this info online.  All of this info is always available to me from however I choose to access it (on my phone, on the web, or on my desktop).  It even has a special app. for the iphone.  Here’s a short introduction to Evernote.

The next time you’re reading a cool devotion, see a good scripture, or just need to write down that inspired thought of yours, copy it to  It’ll always be there.

Imagine having access to several of your sermons outlines, bible studies, devotions, etc. from any computer you’re working on.   Now stop imagining and copy those bad boys to

This service is especially useful if you use several computers and always need access to your data.  Just log into your free account and it’s all there.

There’s so much more can do for you (like organize your tasks, your to-do lists, clip web pages and copy anything you see on your screen). Check it out and see if it works for you.  For a more complete task management system that’s free checkout


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  1. […] you haven’t already checkout  It also makes a good task management system (if you get creative and make it work for you).  […]

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