Podcast Your Church

A podcast is an audio or video file that is distributed over the internet.

A podcast is like a radio show that you download to your computer.  The best part is that you can listen to them anytime you want.  You can play podcasts directly from your computer (PC or Mac) or transfer them to your iPod or any mp3 player.  What’s really nice about podcasts is that they are grouped into channels just like every radio show is listed on a radio station’s channel.

People can easily subscribe to podcast channels which allows your computer to automatically check to see if any new podcasts are available.  If they are available, they are downloaded for you. You don’t have to keep checking to see if a new podcast is available.

Now you can learn how to make podcasts of your church sermons, discipleships, meetings, services, etc. with “Podcasting Made Easy“.  Broken down into easy to understand terms, this 24 page full-color report will teach you all you need to know about podcasting.  What it is, how to easily create them and begin profiting from this technology.

Podcasting is very simple for even the beginning computer user. In fact, there’s…   No hard-to-understand “techie” hardware or software to buy.  No special license or training to fight for (like regular radio broadcasts require).  Little to no money needed to get started and a very small learning curve (you’ll be up and running in no time).

Podcasting is like making a radio broadcast to the world.  Except for you only have to record your  voice once (at any time you want) and let listeners find your podcast on the web to listen to (at any time they want)!  You Don’t Have To Be A Recording Artist Or Computer Expert To Produce Your Own Podcast!  “Podcasting Made Easy” is ready for you right now (by instant download).  Click here to get started.


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