Protect Your Church Computer!

pc safetyHere’s an eBook that will show you how to prevent just about all of your PC problems.  In just a few minutes after receiving this instant download you can start the process.

If you just bought a new PC learn how to avoid getting charged for unnecessary computer programs (like virus programs) and why not to use the free trial period software programs, and more.

Learn the secret of securing your PC from dangerous spyware, adware, and malware programs that can ruin your PC, your finances, and your sanity.

See How Easily You Can Remove The Hacker Filth That Slows Down Your PC, Sends Your Private Information To Sleazy Computer Criminals, And Threatens To Destroy Your Machine!

In just 45 minutes you can get rid of dangerous programs that make your life miserable (Like Spyware, Adware, And Malware).

You Don’t Have To Be A Computer Expert To Build A Virtual Wall Of Protection Around Your PC!  Leaving these types of vicious hacker software on your PC can have devastating consequences.

Here’s what you will learn:

• How to protect yourself from all three sources of PC mischief: Spyware, Adware, and Malware.
• 2 anti-virus solutions that will wipe the floor with most variations of malware.
• How your ISP and email functions are already helping you to fight viruses – and where they stop being any help at all.
• 2 key things you must do to keep yourself safe from viruses.|
• 4 rules to protect yourself from viruses.
• 5 reasons why Spyware can be much more dangerous than any virus.
• 5 places spyware may be hiding in your computer.
• 7 most common activities that can lead to Spyware getting on to your PC.
• 5 most common routes Spyware takes to get on your PC.
• 2 best Spyware detecting software programs (that you can find for free).
• How to set up your Internet Browser for maximum security. (If your settings don’t look like this – you may be putting yourself at risk!)

And that’s not all, find out how you can restore your PC back to it’s original, pre-infection condition! (This section is priceless!!!) Click below to place your order.   In just a few minutes after receiving this instant download you can start the process.

For a limited time the promotional price is only $4.95 (normally $9.95).  Each download also helps to support



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