Share files on your iPhone – Free!

Take your ministry, sermon, or any document at all with you and view or share them on your iPhone.

Avatron Software has announced that Air Sharing, their new app for the iPhone that lets you mount your iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless storage device.

It’s being given away for free for the first two weeks (release date was September 8th, 2008) so get it now.  Afterwards, it’s only $6.99.

Air Sharing turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a portable hard drive, letting you drag and drop files to your device and view documents on the go.

The best part is that it works wirelessly plus it works on any Mac, Windows PC, or Linux computer.

Just load all of your sermons, lesson plans, ministry files, or any document at all to your iPhone and you’ll always be ready.  It comes with an optional password protection feature and public folder or guest access.

Air Sharing is also a document viewer.  It can display iWork and Office files (including Office 2007 documents!), PDFs, images or pictures, HTML pages, and more.  It can even open, iPhone-formatted, audio and video files!  Get it now.


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