Remote Control to your Church PC or Mac, Free!


* You’re at home and you get a call that your assistant can’t find your leadership notes.

* You’re on the road and discover that you have lost your sermon notes.

* You’re about to teach a class and learned that you brought the wrong lesson plan.

* You’re sister calls (again) and needs help with her computer.

Any of these scenarios ever happen to you? Wish there was an easy, low cost solution?  Ever ask yourself, “Why me?”

Introducing  The free remote control solution for people who like free stuff.

The program is free for personal use and very easy to use (even for your sister).

The best part is that it works on both PC’s and Mac’s!  You can even connect to a Mac from a PC. (or PC to Mac or Mac to Mac or PC to PC).  Did I mention that it’s Free yet?

After you install the software on both computers (which is super easy to do) each computer will have an I.D. and password.  Share this info. with the person who you want to communicate with and, Whoala! Bingo! Bam! Lotteria! You’re in.

Once you’re connected to the other computer, you can transfer files, chat, (all connections are 100% secure – https/SSL ) You can even connect to the other computer while its unattended!  Plus you can remotely reboot and reconnect to the remote computer.  That’s cool!


I’ve tried other free remote control programs including;,, pcanywhere and  TeamViewer is the best and easiest remote control software that I’ve used in years.  I highly recommend it.

The next time you need to access the lyrics to the new song for your worship team, handouts for the church leadership meeting or need to get that one file that you forgot to bring with you, remember that there’s a free solution just for you,

By they way, for those who just have to ask, the photos above have absolutely nothing to do with this program.  You don’t need to purchase a physical remote control or two cans and string.


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