Free Bible Resource Ebooks


What’s an ebook?

Good question.  Ebooks are real books written by real people saved in electronic format.  Most of us are used to reading books on paper.  Paper is just the way a book is packaged and delivered.  When you read an ebook it’s a computerized version of the book.  You could read ebooks on your computer and on your PDA or Smartphone.

To read an ebook on your PDA all you need is an ebook reader (eReader).  An eReader is a small program that allows your PDA to display the contents of the eBook.  There are many type of eReaders.  For the ebooks I mention in this post I recommend using Olive Tree’s BibleReader® software, (it’s Free).

Once you download an ebook to your PDA it’s stays with you where ever you go.   No more lugging around your favorites books.  Ebooks are portable.  They are always with you.  If you get stuck some place waiting in line just open your ebook and pick up where you left off.


Another nice thing about ebooks is that you can have many ebooks on your PDA.   No matter how many ebooks your have, your PDA will not get heavier or bulkier.

Ebooks also allow you to read in the dark.   Since all PDA’s have a built-in backlight, you don’t have to worry about leaving the lights on or fiddling around with a tiny book light.  Ebooks are cool.


There are all kinds of ebooks; books, magazines, references, etc.   There is something for everyone.

The Bible is also available as an ebook.  I use the Free American Standard Version Bible on my Palm 755p.  It works great!  The YouVersion Bible is also an excellent online Bible for PDA and Smartphones.  If you have an iPhone, access the Bible directly from the web.  Just go to: For Free Bible programs for the PC, MAC and cell phone click here.

There are ebooks that are Free and there are eBooks that are not Free.  I prefer Free.   Google “Free Ebooks” and you will find a plethora of Free ebooks.   One of my favorites sites for Free Bible Resource Ebooks is Olive Tree.  Check them out.  Also visit the Visit the World Ebook Fair for millions of ebooks.

So go ahead give it a try, download an ebook today.  One I have found to be very interesting is the free ebook, “Prayer and Praying Men” by E. M. Bounds. In it the author shares practical lessons of prayer from the saints of the Old and New Testaments from the comfort of your PDA or Smartphone.

Chapters highlight the life of prayer as we see it in Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Hezekiah, Ezra, Nehemiah, Samuel, Daniel, and Paul, with five chapters devoted to Paul alone.   By the way, you can also ready this book online here.

Check out my ebook, “Blogger Guide to Profits“.  It will show you how to make money from a blog.  If you are a iPhone user check out the BibleReader™ for iPhone or IPod Touch (free of course).  It’s a full-featured Bible reading and study application.   Read and study the Bible with your favorite Bible translations, commentaries, and study tools anytime, anywhere.  For a full review of BibleReader™ for iPhone click here.  If you’re a Blackberry user, check out the new BibleReader for Blackberry with storage card here.

What eBooks have you read?


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3 Responses

  1. Mobile devices are also a great way to listen to God’s Word too. The world’s largest Audio Bible ministry, Faith Comes By Hearing, has 10 popular English versions of the Audio New Testament. The text also appears as lyrics on iPods and iPhones to follow along.

  2. WORDsearch To Go books all work with OliveTree’s Bible Reader, and there are a lot of free ones. Just go to and click the “free books” link near the top.

  3. Hey there, great post.. I have another resource to recommend, you can download free ebooks, software at
    Lots of good stuff, check it out..

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