Learn to Share the Gospel on your Palm

Do you know how to share your faith?

Download a FREE little program (for your Palm PDA) and learn how to present the Gospel in an effective biblically based manner.

The program comes from Evangelism Explosion.  I like its ease of use and the creativity of the program. The program asks 2 simple questions, “Do you know for certain that you are going to be with God in heaven?” and ‘Why should God let you into his heaven?” It’s a clear cut interactive presentation of the Gospel.  The presentation is also available online here.

evangelism explosion
Use it to learn how to share the Gospel or install it on your Palm PDA then lend it to a friend so he can go through the presentation.   Click here to download the Free program.    Basically it’s a Gospel Tract for Palm OS Handhelds.

Evangelism Explosion (EE) International is reaching out to teach the world how to evangelize.   This free download shows you an easy, effective and biblical way to share your faith using a Palm PDA.

How do you respond when someone asks about your faith in God, in Christ, your belief in Heaven and Hell, in the Bible? Do you become defensive, do you fight, go into combat mode, become intimidated?  None of these extremes are necessary nor are they appropriate.  Check out EE’s  Answers to Tough Questions for some pretty good responses for those who are skeptical and may question your faith.

If you want to learn more about sharing your faith check out this FREE four-session course by ChristianBible Studies.com called, Sharing Your Faith.  It looks at the apostle Paul’s life, and his advice in the book of 1 Thessalonians to help us overcome our uncertainties and fears about sharing our faith.


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