Got Small Groups?

If you have a lot of Bible Study Groups in your church (sometimes called small groups, life cell groups, ministry teams etc.) you know how challenging it can be to manage all of the information involved (structure, enrollment, attendance, etc.)  If you’re tired of all the paperwork required to track your church small groups let ChurchTeams help.

church reams

Church Teams is a web based program that empowers your leaders to update and use the information they need in order to enhance the quality of your small group’s communication, coaching, and tracking.  The beauty of is that the entire program is available from any computer with internet access.  Some of the other features include:

  • Easy integration with your church website in minutes.
  • Built in mapping and filtering make it easy for people to find the best group for them.
  • Group leaders receive automatic e-mail reminders to post group attendance and notes each week.
  • Administrators and leaders can quickly generate attendance, absentee, and other reports.
  • Leaders, group members, and people not yet in groups can be e-mailed directly.
  • Five layers of security ensure that your data is safe.

We recently have started using this program at my church and I like it a lot.  Church Teams allows group leaders to post their attendance and group notes from their home or workplace over the Internet.  Leaders can even use it to communicate to their whole group.  This weekly update can help even the infrequent attenders feel connected and helps coaches and pastors know the condition of their groups better than ever before.  Check them out at


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