Stream Christian Music from your iPhone / iPod

Stream your favorite Christian music from your iPhone or iPod to a pair of Bluetooh compatible speakers or headphones of your choice.

All you need is the newest, smallest, slimmest & lightest Bluetooth stereo transmitter by Infinxx.  With this Tiny “About 5 grams” adapter, you can enjoy Excellent High Quality Stereo Music from Both your iPhone 2G/3G, and iPod without using any wires!

Whats really nice is that the transmitter doesn’t requires any charging or power source, (no batteries!) because its powered by the iPhone/iPod. The adapter cost $62. and is available from the Mobile Brando website


If you really want to get creative, learn how to stream your favorites Christian Radio Stations from your Pda / Smartphone to your church sound system, plus listen to worship music on your iPod/Mp3 player/Smartphone  through your church, office or home sound system, FREE!  All you need to do is … click to continue


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