$299. laptop that fits in the palm of your hand.

Looking for a church laptop?  Looking for one that is affordable, one that can get your basic computing done? Look no further. Introducing the 3K Razorbook 400.

This notebook fits in the palm of your hand.  What I like about it is that it only weighs 2lbs. This is extremely helpful for those who keep their laptop inside a backback. I remember lugging my 6.6 lb laptop to school for 4 years.   If I would have known about this two punder, I would have purchased one faster than you can say, “back pain”.

299 laptop

Don’t let the small size fool you.  It comes with a full size keyboard, a network port as well as built-in wireless access.   You don’t have to buy any software either.    It comes preloaded with a suite of Office tools.   The open source Office Suite includes AbiWord – Opens Microsoft® Word Files, GNUMeric – Opens Microsoft® Excel Files, an E-mail Client, (if you use web email like Yahoo or Google you will not use this) and a PDF Reader.

It comes with 512MB of memory and Linux operating system.  It also takes only 15 seconds to boot up. Wow!  (That even gives my mac competition)  Since it only has 4GB internal flash drive you will not be able to save all of your files to it (just copy your files to an external flash drive using the USB connection or just email them to yourself or use (Google Docs) to save your files online).

The 4GB drive is a flash drive and not a normal hard disk drive with moving internal components.  This makes the laptop “bump proof” (a cool safety feature for kids and clumsy adults).  You also will not be able to install any of your favorites apps but since it comes pre-installed with just about everything you need to get your work done that’s not really a big problem.

If you’re looking for a computer that’s new, not expensive, and a system that can take care of your basic computing needs, (like word processing, email, and surfing) or if you are a student, like to travel or need an extra church or home computer, this laptop has your name all over it.


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