Get Rid of Duplicate Files on Your PC / Mac

duplicateGot Duplicates?

If you’ve been computing for a while you know that sometimes you end up with duplicate files. 

This happens especialy if you work with files on your home computer, a laptop, your flash drive, the office computer, email, your friends computer, school computer, etc.  

You really need to clean up these files because duplicate files waste disk space especially music and picture files. 

Even if you have lots of disk space on your computer, it’s good to get rid of duplicates.  It can get very confusing having several copies of the same music or word file hanging around.  Removing duplicates helps to organize files and makes it easy to figure out which file is the latest one you are working on. 

There’s 2 excellent little programs, both FREE, that will help resolve this problem for both PC and Mac users.

For PC users CloneSpy is a Free program that finds and deletes duplicate files.  What’s good about CloneSpy is that it searches your computer, finds and reports duplicate files even if they have different file names.  You can also make CloneSpy remove duplicate files automatically or have all duplicate files moved to a separate folder for you to view later.  I would select this second option (don’t automatically delete) to avoid accidental deletion.  CloneSpy works with Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP. Check out:

For Mac folks, use MrClean.
Mr Clean is also Free. It’s designed to eliminate duplicate files on your Mac.  You can set MrClean to automatically send duplicates to the Trash.   But be careful,  you may just want to list the duplicate files instead of automatically removing them.  Keep this in mind, if you’re unsure about a file or duplicate, keep it on your hard drive.  MrClean works with OS X 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4.  Visit:

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