Utmost Living: Tim Storey

tim storeyTim Storey visited our church yesterday.  He was not only motivational but inspirational. 

In his latest book, Utmost Living: Creating and Savoring Your Best Life Now Tim says the reason he wrote the book is because too many people are stuck in almost living instead of utmost living.  Almost happy, almost debt free, almost living your dreams, you almost made it, almost!

I like the illustration he gave about a kid trying to climb over a fence.  He’s almost there but just can’t make it over.  All he needs is a boost.  If you need a boost, If you’re stuck in almost living, this book is for you.

Tim Storey, America’s Comeback Coach, is a humanitarian dedicated to inspiring greatness in people. 

From the time he was only ten, Tim has believed that his calling was to help others succeed.  His commitment to that dream has taken him to more than 55 nations as an acclaimed speaker, author, media personality and life coach. 

Empowered and motivated individuals from all walks of life – from pro athletes, entertainment legends, executives and celebrities, to children and adults in some of the most deprived neighborhoods in the country – can attest that Tim Storey’s infectious spirit always inspires hope.


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