Turn your Camera Phone into a Scanner, Copier, and Fax, FREE!

Even been in a meeting where someone wrote important info. all over the white board then proceeded to erase everything while you were sending a text (I mean trying to copy everything as fast as possible)? Well this solution is not just for students. I think many people can use this Free service by ScanR.com


ScanR allows you to produce:

  • Clean photos of documents, whiteboards and business cards.
  • Extract any text and contact information
  • Store, search and share online
  • All you do is take a picture of a whiteboard or notes from your camera phone (BlackBerry, Palm, iPhone, etc.) and upload it directly to the scanR website. That’s it. ScanR even allows you to create PDF files and send them to others. Not bad for Free. Visit: http://www.scanr.com/


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