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blackberry 8130Updated: Feb. 2012

Olive Tree Bible Software provides one of the best Bible programs that you can have on your phone.  One of the reasons I like Olive Tree Bibles is that YOU DO NOT NEED internet access to read the Bible.

This is especially nice when you are in a location with no internet access.  Another reason I like Olive Tree Bible is because many of their Bible are FREE.

After loading the Bible on your PDA or cell phone, you can take it with you wherever you go, redeeming the time and giving God’s word the opportunity to speak to your heart with transforming power.

Thanks to Olive Tree Bible Software you can now read the Bible on your Blackberry Free.

To get started:

1.  Visit:

2.  Next click on the platform you want to read the Bible on. Your choices are: Apple Mac | iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch | Android | Mac | PC

3.  After you make your choice follow the directions.

If you run into problems, follow the instructions carefully, be patient and try it again.  You may also want to visit Olive Tree’s support site here:

Here is the link to the Bible version that I use. It’s the American Standard Version ASV Bible.  It comes with a Free BibleReader program that allows you to read the Bible, do word searches, navigate easily, and access a specific scripture fast (once you get used to it, you will be the fastest verse finder in your pew).

To have the word of Christ indwelling us richly is an unspeakable blessing.  Using your iPhone,  Android, Blackberry phone or even a PDA, you can read, search, and study the scriptures anytime and any place.

For a complete list of FREE Bibles from Olive Tree for your PDA (Palm, Windows Mobile, or iPod) click here. They also provide a huge selection (over 150) of FREE devotionals, commentaries and ebooks for your Palm, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Pocket PC.

If you don’t have a Blackberry or PDA device, you can still read the Bible on your cell phone as long as your cell phone is Java-Enabled and has internet access, click here to find out how (Yes, this method is FREE too).

Here’s my favorite application that let’s you read and listen to the Bible and it’s FREE too.   It’s available on the PC and Mac, for the iPhone, Andriod and iPad in several languages.  Click here for full details.   You will love it!

To get free Bible programs for your PC or MAC click here.


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