Spice up the Sermon!

Someone once told me, if the congregation is falling asleep, wake up the preacher!   Here’s one way to spice up that sermon, bible study or fellowship.

SermonSpice.com provides sermon illustrations, background loops and countdowns but what I really like are their video clips. They are generally just a couple of minutes long and very powerful. They are not free but are well worth the small price, usually between $5. – $15. You can even search by topic and find exactly what you need to better illustrate your message.

God is a creative God so lets stir it up a bit and use all of the resources available to impact our visual society, the “M Generation” (M is for media).  They are multi-tasking, myspacing and using media everywhere.  This is one way to enhance your message.  We have used a few of these in my church and they do make an impact.  I’ve even connected my laptop to my home T.V. to view several clips.  It’s pretty cool.

Here are three short video clips I think can spice things up a bit. Welcome to our Church This one give a nice spicy welcome to your church. Footprints Revisited. This one is a funny tough-love version of the Footprints poem that makes a great point. This last one portrays life in the fast lane with no time for God.  If you have used SermonSpice let me know your experience.

Check out the spanish version of sermonspice.com Se habla espanol! Para todos mis hermanos en el Pueblo de Dios visite: http://espanol.sermonspice.com/ Ya tu sabes, siempre, listo para Cristo.


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