Bible Explorer 4.0 Limited Edition $15.95

Here is a good piece of software that’s is truly a good deal. It has just about everything a student of the Bible needs to start your quest for Truth as well as to share with others.

This also makes a great gift that is very affordable and easy to buy? What is this? It’s the Bible Explorer Limited Edition.

At only $15.95 (or $9.95 each if you order five or more) it’s packed with 15 Bible translations, including favorites like the NKJV, NLT, KJV, and ESV, 22 commentaries, and a lot more—over 100 resources in all!

This is the perfect gift for teachers, students, youth leaders…actually, it’s good for anyone who could benefit from having more than 100 resources available at the click of a mouse, all of which are fully integrated and cross-referenced, designed to provide the most efficient and productive Bible study possible. Where else can you find a gift that gives so much life-changing Biblical insight for so little money? A whole library for less than the cost of a Bible.

Bible Explorer Limited Edition runs on Windows operating systems from Windows 98 through Windows Vista, so nearly everyone on your gift list can run it. There just isn’t a better way to encourage someone in the Word while also showing appreciation for their service to the Lord and His work.

Order soon, so we can get your Bible Explorer Limited Editions to you in time for graduation or whatever your gift giving occasion. Call us toll-free at 800-888-9898 from 9am to 10pm M-F or 10am to 5pm Saturday, central time, and experience our customer-friendly service, or visit our special website at, and order online. Refer to Priority Code 5909.

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3 Responses

  1. Hey Nick, is this bible software compatible with Logos 4?

    • No, Ed. This is completely different. Logos is a much more robust Bible study software program for the serious student of the Bible. That’s why Logos cost more. I recommend to visit and click on their video overview so you can get a better picture of how Logos works.

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