Solve Your Money Problems

Many times money problem results from bad money management. 

If you need help in this area it’s time for a budget.  I’m not talking about Budget Rent a Car, Im talking about managing your money.  Here’s one solution that may work for you.  Quicken Online.  What I really like about this service is that it lets you manage all of your personal finances online. 

Most money management programs are installed on a single computer.  With Quicken online you can have access to your entire budget from any computer with an internet connection.  To me this means that I can check my account at home and at the office.  That’s pretty cool to me.  Sign up for Free 30 Day trial.  If you like it, then it’s only $2.99 a month. Visit:

Another very good personal finance manager is Ace Money.  The Lite version is FREE but only lets you create one account.  This is good if you just want to manage your main checking account and nothing else.  The full version cost $30.  and can mange multiple accounts .  Visit:

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  1. checking accounts are very convenient for business transactions that is why i have it’;*

  2. when doing business transactions, checking accounts are really needed for faster transactions :-:

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